HeartPointe offers counseling services to those struggling with life challenges. We also offer DivorceCare, a support group for those who are, or are going through, a divorce or separation.


In addition, HeartPointe Counseling offers a variety of individual and group programs designed to get your life back on track through the application of biblically-based advice and solutions that get results. We use only qualified biblical counselors who have been trained to address a variety of life challenges, ranging from marital problems and divorce, to alcohol and drug addictions. 


So if you’re feeling sad, hurt, heartbroken or are otherwise suffering due to a seemingly insurmountable problem, please email or call Steve Carlock at 317-828-1783. As a successful attorney for 26 years prior to becoming a full-time pastor and certified biblical counselor by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly known as NANC*), Steve is uniquely qualified as an experienced biblical counselor who helped hundreds overcome problems through the power of God’s Word.


(*National Association of Nouthetic Counselors)


HeartPointe has helped individuals from all walks of life, including couples and families experiencing some type of stress, crisis, or transition. As a Christian ministry supported by tax-deductible gifts, HeartPointe does note charge an hourly fee for counseling services, although donations are accepted. (There is a one-time administrative fee of $25).


Counseling sessions are usually scheduled for one hour each week. To schedule an appointment, please contact Pastor Steve Carlock at 317.828.1783 or email him.